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The UAE with its land mass of approx. 85,000 km has a plethora of landscapes which satisfies the hunger of adventure seekers and explorers. From the rugged Hajjar Mountains in the east with the world’s finest and most extensive surface exposure of rocks of the oceanic crust and the upper mantle to the spectacular sand dunes of Liwa in the south rising some 300 meters, the UAE’s topography is blessed with beauty and charm.

The availability of year round sunshine and cooler months between September and April makes the country an ideal place for outdoor events.

Whether you are an individual explorer, a film production company, a hobby photographer, a sport fan, a botanist, an ornithologist, a nature lover, or simply wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you will be always find what you are looking for.

We at Rub Alkhali Desert tourism LLC, have the team and expertise to assist you in planning your events with all related logistics such as; transportation, location, meal arrangement, accommodation and entertainment.



Camping a la carte

Camping is our specialty! Look no further, we know the UAE like the back of our hands and we are fluent in camper’s language as well. This is an ingenious idea, developed and conceptualized by our Desert Expert (Karim). We have realized the demand for this particular kind of service and we noticed the following …

Celebrate a special occasion

Do you want to celebrate a special occasion? We at Off Road Adventures are happy to share our experience with you and assist in making them unforgettable. Be it a birthday party, wedding anniversary, family & friends reunions, spiritual gatherings, corporate meetings & conferences. Our services include: ·       Consultation ·       Preparation ·       Budgeting ·       Materialization …

Mitsubishi in Liwa

Desert Photography

Are you looking for the outdoor locations?   Our expert knowledge of the various and wide ranging landscapes of the UAE has given us an advantage in attracting prominent photographers and film production companies from around the world. Whether you are a hobby photographer, looking to spend the day scouting around our beautiful nature, or …

Buggy Tour UAE

Desert Sports Events

The deserts and mountains of the UAE offer unique opportunities for a multitude of sports events. There are many international as well as local competitions taking place in the UAE some of which are: Desert rallies Desert Marathons Camel races Horse races Dog races (Salukis) Falcon racing Remote control Planes and Drones Kite competition Archery …

Sky Watching

For those stargazers out there, we know what you are looking for and we speak your “Astro language as well”. Whether you are planning to watch the next meteor shower, Solar & Lunar eclipses,  Moon, Planets and deep sky objects we know the quiet spots in the mountains and deserts where there is little light …

Sand fish in Liwa

Special interest / Nature observation & Exploration

Groups and individuals with special interest and planning some kind of expedition to explore the unique flora and fauna of Arabia, would be pleased to know that we at Rub Alkhali Desert tourism LLC are more than happy to offer you our specialized guides who will escort you to the right places where you will …

Desert Driving Course UAE

Team Building / Corporate events

The outdoors in the UAE are ideal for team building activities especially in the winter season where the sun shines and temperatures are mild throughout 6-7 months every year. If your company wishes to organize a team building event, we are more than happy to assist in the planning and offer our outdoor expertise to …

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