FAQ – Tag Along & Self Drive

Tag Along & Self Drive


What is Tag Along and Self Drive?

It simply means that owners/drivers of 4×4 vehicles can follow our Marshals and get assistance during their off road adventures and self drive packages

Does my car insurance cover desert breakdown?

It is of course advisable to have an extra off-road cover from your insurance. Be advised that a police report is required for the insurance to proceed with repairs.

What level of desert driving experience is required to join?

No off road experience is required, most of our clients are first timers (65%), beginners with little experience (25%), experienced (10%)

Is there any requirement for my 4×4 to join?

Not really, any type of 4×4 will do. Please see advice under vehicle requirement (must have) however we discourage vehicles equipped with sidewall tyre sizes less than 70% (aspect ratio) due to very low flotation when deflated and their tendency to fall off the rim.

How dangerous is the self drive?

Due to the fact that the majority of our participants have no or very little experience, we are very conscious about their safety concerns. The routes our instructors/marshals follow have been designed with this in mind and rehearsed hundreds of times!

What damages can occur to my vehicle/passengers ?

Generally speaking, damages can be avoided if you follow exactly our guide’s instructions; however we did encounter some of the following in our trips in the last 10 years:

  • Bumper damages (especially front ones) due to excessive speed when climbing and descending the dunes
  • Cooling system breakdown such as radiator leaks and/or loose hose connection due to wear and tear and lack of regular service
  • Engine starting problems (due to weak batteries) due to lack of regular service
  • Tyre damage due to being overused and not regularly checked
  • Passenger injuries due to cargo object not being strapped properly (at the back of the car!)

What kind of assistance we can offer in case of emergencies?

  • If the damages are slight, our instructor/marshal will try to fix your car with the available tools onsite.
  • If the damage is extensive and the car cannot be driven, we will try to tow your car to the nearest garage at no extra charge, however repairs/spare parts and further towing to Abu Dhabi and/or Dubai are not covered
  • If the car cannot move we will have to shuttle a mechanic to your location (at an extra cost)

Can I bring my family and kids along?

Sure, we encourage more and more families to join provided you have read all our safety tips in this regards

Can we bring out pets along?

Yes you may bring your dogs along (as long as they behave well and not bark all night long!)

What about medical emergency?

Our camping locations are located at a safe distance from the main road (25-35 km) and a maximum of 50 km to Liwa Hospital

How much fuel do I need to have?

All our regular tours will cover a maximum of 70-80 km in the sand (Half a tank should be enough)

How often do we stop?

We will have few stops on the way to our camp and we will be able to witness the variety of flora and fauna of the Liwa desert

Can people with physical disability join?

Yes, provided they do not get out at every stop

How hot does is get in the desert?

During the cooler months (November to March) the average day temperature is between 25 and 30 Celsius. September, April and May are marginally hotter and the temperature can reach 37-42 Celsius. It is advisable to wear closed shoes (boots), long trouser/pants and to have plenty of water (a min. of 5 liters per passenger)


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