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Tag Along from Liwa (Regular Packages)

Tag Along & Self drive schedules from Liwa

(Self Drive 4×4 with an option to rent a 4×4 from us)

(Regular Packages)

              RATES IN UAE DHS


EXCURSION Pick-up Times Approx.
Own 4×4 Rent Our 4×4 Additional


Adventure Safari 09:00 2.5 70 2 700 1200 N/A


Sunset BBQ 15:30 3.5 70 NA 700 1000 250 / 150


Overnight Camping
(Gear & Meals are not provided)
15:30 18 70 NA 700 1500 N/A


Overnight Camping
(Gear & Meals are provided)
15:30 18 70 NA 500 1500 500 / 250

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Itinerary for Tour code (LWA-SD-1/2/3/4)


Liwa Adventure – LWA-SD-1

Our guide/marshal will meet all participants at the Liwa Hotel (Lobby). After a short introductory session explaining the day itinerary and before we head out for our adventure, our marshal will brief all drivers about the safety aspects and the do’s and don’ts for the journey.

We will leave the hotel in a convoy led by the marshal and drive southwards for approx. 20 minutes on tarmac. We will stop at the camel farm for approx. 15 minutes and start deflating the tires. Our guide will distribute the radio gear to each participant and explain the convoy order.

The drive will introduce you to a mixture of driving skills starting gradually with easy tracks and increasing in difficulties to reach adrenaline pumping moments! The landscape will be a mixture of Sabkha, undulating dunes, high crests and deep bowls. The whole circuit from Liwa Hotel and back is approx 50 km half of which is off-road tracks.

Parents accompanied with their children should be aware of the adventurous nature of this tour and are requested to watch over them at all times, especially if they wander out of their car during stops!

Liwa Adventure combination with Dinner BBQ – LWA-SD-2

The itinerary is the same as LWA-SD-1 above, except that we will drive to our secluded desert camp. There you will have time to climb the sand dune and watch the amazing Sunset.

Meanwhile,  our Marshal/Guide will prepare you a mouth-watering dinner, to be served under the canopy of 1001 stars. The dinner will be followed by tea and local dates.

Another highlight will be the Night Drive! your skills will be tested to the limit and the experience is definitely memorable.

Overnight Camping Tag Along Shuttle – LWA-SD-3

If you have your camping gear and some basic 4×4 desert experience, we are there to assist and guide you. You will follow our Marshal/Guide into the desert and choose a secluded camping area for your overnight stay.

The following day at around 09:00 AM, our Guide will come and fetch you. The morning fun drive is about one hour long and you will have the opportunity of sighting the “Desert Rose”.

Please note that the above service does not include the provision of camping gear nor food by Rub Alkhali Desert Tourism

Overnight Camping Tag Along Shuttle – LWA-SD-4

If you want to save time, space and avoid the hustle of loading and unloading your gear into your car, we will take  care of the whole burden!

Our team will prepare the camping site for your overnight; this will include the following preparation:

  • Tents and accessories (sleeping bags, pillows, air mattress, sheets)
  • Tables, chairs, lighting, wood, etc
  • Food preparation; BBQ dinner, B’fst.
  • Dinner BBQ includes (Lamb/Beef/Chicken Tikka, Oriental salad, Humus, Veg Saute, Rice, Bread, Tea, Dates)
  • Breakfast menu includes (tea, coffee, milk, butter, bread, flakes/cereal, honey, jam, white cheese, yellow cheese, yogurt, juice, fresh fruits, eggs.
  • Washing facility
  • All you need to bring are your personnel items (sleeping dress, personal hygiene and a head torch)
click here for frequently asked questions about self drive

General terms

  • Camping is convenient in cooler months (Mid October – End March)
  • Children rate applies between 6-12 (Max 2 children per car)
  • Above rates are applicable from September 1st until May 30th
  • Meeting and start off point at Liwa Hotel in Mezaira’a

 Maximum participants

We usually accommodate a maximum of 5-6 cars (families) per program in order to keep the quality and safety aspect in check. However, private and exclusive groups can be organized with higher number of participants on request basis.

What level of off road experience is required?

The Fun Drives are mainly targeted to novices and beginners, no previous desert driving experience is required and our aim is to enjoy both the landscapes as well as a bit of adventure.

 What vehicles are recommended for our type of terrain?

·        Toyota (Land-Cruiser, Rav4, Fortuner, FJ cruiser)
·        Nissan (Patrol, Xterra, Pathfinder, Xtrail)
·        Mitsubishi (Pajero, outlander)
·        Ford (Explorer, Expedition, F150)
·        GMC, Hummer, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep
·        VW Tuareg, Mercedes G
·        Land Rover, Range Rovers, Freelander, Defender

 What services are included?

·        Professional desert ranger/guide
·        Lead vehicle especially prepared for off-road recovery
·        Desert recovery and assistance services and guiding
·        Communication gear (radio) for each participating vehicle
·        Soft drinks and water

What is not included?

·        All related repairs/costs due to:
·        Mechanical faults
·        Electrical faults
·        Car body damages
·        Towing of vehicle to a garage in case of a total breakdown

Terms & Conditions

  • Reservation must be confirmed 1 week prior for individuals and 3 weeks prior for groups
  • Cancellation fees will be applicable according to the following schedule:
    • 50% of the total amount if cancelled within 48 hour of tour date
    • Children below 6 years old are free (max. 1 child per couple)
    • 100% of the total amount if no/show
  • We accept cash payments only incl. (foreign & local currencies)
  • Rub Alkhali Desert Tourism LLC reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any tour prior to departure due to factors beyond  it’s control, such as; Bad weather condition, sickness, strikes, disputes, and other events of force majeure. In such cases, a refund or partial refund may be given at the discretion of the organizer and/or the operator of the tour.

 Liabilities & Safety guidelines

  • Arabiantours will not be liable for any damages to vehicles, injuries to participants and/or claims resulting from your participation in our tours.
  • Children and elderly will be strictly the responsibility of their family members at all times
  • All participants in our fun drives are doing so on their own request/will and understand the risks involved in such activities
  • All drivers may be required to sign our disclaimer form prior to participating in our adventure
  • CHILDREN are advised to keep away from front and rear of vehicles throughout the journey!
  • Campers are advised to wear closed shoes when wandering in the dark especially CHILDREN!!
  • Never step out of your vehicles without engaging the parking gear (for automatic) or pulling the hand brake tightly!! ESPECIALLY ON SLOPES!!

 Personal items you may bring along – Day trips

  • Camera/video (remember to charge the batteries!)
  • Medical prescriptions (If required on long journeys)
  • Shades/hats
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Closed shoes and long trousers (especially during the hotter months)
  • Drinking water

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Personal items you may bring along – Overnight Campers

  • Camera/video (remember to charge the batteries!)
  • Medical prescriptions (If required on long journeys)
  • Shades/hats
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Closed shoes and long trousers (especially during the hotter months)
  • Drinking water
  • Torch lights
  • Personal hygiene (tooth brush, lotion, etc..)

 Vehicle requirements – Must Have!

  • Your 4×4 should be recently serviced at your garage ( last 1000 km)
  • Full tank (fuel)
  • Spare wheel must be in immaculate condition
  • Spare tools should be complete
  • Car manual must be available
  • Valid off-road insurance (very important!!!)
  • Car registration and valid UAE driving license
  • Mobile phone – (charged and in good working condition)
  • Tyre pressure gauge
  • Water (min. 2 liters per person)

Vehicle equipment – Optional

  • GPS/Shovels
  • Jump Start cable
  • Water Jerry can (20 liters)
  • Tow rope (heavy duty with a min. load of 5 tons) + shackles
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Extra Fuel

Suggested list for overnight camping (for those who will camp on their own)

  • Tent + long pegs (min. 25cm)
  • Sleeping bags + sheets + pillows
  • Extra clothing in winter (night time temp in Dec/Jan/Feb can reach 5-6 degrees!)
  • Air mattress and air pump
  • Food & drinks & cutleries
  • Cutting board + Knife
  • BBQ grill + matches
  • Charcoal lighter
  • Cork opener (bottles)
  • Tightening ropes and tapes
  • Charcoal and/or wood
  • Tongs
  • Lights / torch + batteries
  • Cool boxes + Ice
  • Hammer
  • Swiss knife
  • Camping chairs & tables
  • Garbage bags – Heavy duty (to prevent leaks)
  • Hygiene and toiletries
  • Frying pan
  • Camping stove + Cylinders
  • Tissue paper
  • Tea kettle
  • Carpet or beach mats
  • Toys for children
  • First aid kit

click here for frequently asked questions about self drive

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