FAQ – Desert Driving Course

Frequently asked questions for Desert Driving Course


What type of 4×4 should I have to join the course?

There is no restriction on any type of 4×4 to join, the important thing is to have it properly serviced and off road insured

What is the maximum number of cars you can instruct in your session?

I normally instruct a maximum of 3 cars at a time (if booked individually). For exclusive groups I can accept up to 6 cars at a time

Is the course specialized on Desert Driving techniques?

Yes, it is mainly geared to those who are willing to explore the deserts of the UAE

Can I bring along a passenger (friend, wife, child) without paying any extras?

We strictly advise against such practice since the maximum allowed per 4×4 are two drivers, except if you are a couple and cannot leave your children alone! (Hence all participants are required to concentrate on the instructions)

Can I rent a car and join the course?

Yes you can as long as it has Off Road insurance coverage

Can you provide a 4×4 for the course?

Yes we can at the additional cost mentioned in our price sheet

What equipment should I have in my car when joining the course?

See the check list for essential as well as optional items (main page)

What if an accident happens? Who is liable?

Any accident occurring during the course will be the responsibility of the driver. Our instructor will however help with the recovery process (calling a recovery service and towing the car from the desert to the nearest road)

Is the instructor sitting in the same car with the student?

Our instructor will be leading the convoy in a separate 4×4 and all participants will be communicating with him via two way radios. He will however personally guide each and every participant on different stages.

If you feel too shy to join others you may choose to book an exclusive course where the instructor sits next to you.

What damages are expected to my car?

Our instructor will always choose the safest possible routes, however you should remember that off road driving carries a bit of risk and body scratches (hitting bushes) and front and rear bumper dents are rare but possible

What level of experience should I expect after finishing the course?

The beginner’s course would enable you to do the following:

1) Drive safely 2) Recover your vehicle when stuck 3) follow a convoy comfortably

Can you organized a special course for ladies only?
It is possible up to a maximum of 5 cars per group

Do you provide a certificate?

No we do not issue certificates, hence the attendees have different requirements and expectations. Our instructor will provide guidance and an overall introduction to 4×4 and off road driving techniques

Do you conduct the course all year round? 

The regular courses run between September and April. All other request (out of season) will be based on availability and on exclusive basis


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