FAQ – Camping



Is there an age limit for camping in the desert?

We have had infants 6 months old and seniors 80 years old!

Is it safe to camp in the desert?

Except when there is a storm, there are no dangers in the desert as long as you go around in a sensible manner, watch your steps and wear your shoes especially by night. Children should carry torch lights when wandering by night and should not stray far away. If you are worried about the creepy crawlies, remember that humans are not part of their diet! They can only be dangerous if stepped on or recklessly handled.

What items should we bring along if you are providing the camping gear?

You may bring your sleeping attire, torch light, camera/video, tooth brush

What items should we bring along if we are organizing our own camping gear?

See the check list of items (in our site) and remember to strap all items tightly in the back of your 4×4 (roof as well)

How cold does it get at night?

During winter months (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb) temperature can fall down to 5 degrees at night and climb to 40 by day!

How humid does it get in the desert?

During the day the climate is dry, however early morning dew keeps everything wet!

Do you serve alcohol?

We are not permitted to transport alcohol in our vehicles, however you may bring your own if you wish.

How big are the tents you provide?

We provide two different sizes; tents for 2 adults, tents for a family of 4. You may request this in your reservation

What about toilet facilities?

We do not provide or carry portable toilets, its back to nature! We however advise all participants to use the facility at Liwa hotel before the start of the journey.

Is there a network coverage (mobile) where we camp?

Yes there is coverage all over Liwa, just make sure you stand on a high dune to get reception.

When are the best nights to spend in Liwa?

If you wish to enjoy the night sky and watch the stars, we recommend to book the nights where there is no moon. You may check the moon rise and moon set timings from our website

What happens in case of an emergency (medical condition?)

All our chosen camping grounds are within 45-60 minutes away from Liwa hospital

Can we bring our dogs along?

Yes you may do so as long as they behave well and do not bark all night long!

Do you have additional questions?

Please feel free to mention them in your reservation request and we will be more than happy to answer them

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