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4×4 drivers are sometime considered as an alien specie, whether you agree with this statement or not, the truth is they do act as one! they all like size, power, prestige and ADVENTURE!

Our expert and senior Off-Road guide/Instructor Karim is no stranger to this fact and he has been dealing with those “species” for the 3 decades years, he speaks their language, he knows their inner desires, he understands their Ego and he helps them achieve their goals.

Karim has more than 30 years of experience in the UAE and knows the country like the back of his hands!

The tittle “Sand God” which was given to him by one of our senior visitors is witness to his knowledge of deserts and love of nature.

Karim is fluent in the local Arabic language as well as 3 other international languages namely; English, French and German which endowed him with the ability to communicate with all the different nationalities on all levels. His passion to meet and interact with new people is beyond belief!  This can be seen in his tag line which says “every person I meet is a wonderful gift sent by the God”

Karim has instructed, guided and trained more than 5000 students/visitors of all walks of life in the last 20 years where he conveyed his know how to adventure seekers in the following disciplines:

  • How to prepare for a 4×4 expedition
  • 4×4 recovery and safety equipment
  • Map reading and GPS orientation
  • First aid and emergency procedures
  • Training of Desert Safari guides
  • Consultation on buying and selling of 4×4
  • 4×4 maintenance and on site repairs
  • Convoy and fleet control

Karim has also conducted numerous self-drive and tag along adventures to various incentive groups as well as off road clubs from all over the world. Organizing and exploring the deserts of the UAE and Oman, his ambitions are without limits and dreams of crossing the deserts of the world one day!


Desert Rescue in UAE

4×4 Desert Driving Course

OFF-ROAD DRIVING ACADEMY – UAE Have you just purchased a 4×4? Planning to? Do you like to experience the thrill of off-road driving? Learn at your own pace? Then why not join our 4×4 DESERT DRIVING COURSE with Karim (The Desert Guru) who has more than 30 years of off-road experience in the UAE.  Karim will …

4x4 Adventure in Liwa

Desert Recovery Services

Dial  A Desert Recovery   WhatsApp our EMERGENCY  (24/7) +971-50-628 9667 +971-56-222 8286 Stuck in the desert ? Lost and cannot find your way back ? Having a breakdown and/or an accident ? Having an emergency ?   How we can help? Should the uneventual situation happen and you find yourself either lost or stuck …

Tag Along in Liwa

Tag Along Packages (Dubai/Abu Dhabi)

Self Drive and Tag Along Packages from Dubai & Other Emirates   Owners of 4×4 can now take advantage of this Tag Along / Self Drive service by hiring our specialized and expert desert marshals to lead their convoys. If you have ever joined the Gulf News fun drive, or any other desert adventure, you …

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