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Desert Recovery Services

Dial  A Desert Recovery


WhatsApp our EMERGENCY  (24/7)

+971-50-628 9667

+971-56-222 8286

Stuck in the desert ?

Lost and cannot find your way back ?

Having a breakdown and/or an accident ?

Having an emergency ?


How we can help?

Should the uneventual situation happen and you find yourself either lost or stuck in the desert, we are ready to offer you the following service:

  • Off-Road recovery
  • Desert breakdown
  • Off Road Emergency
  • Desert Emergency


What action you can take?

  1. WhatsApp your location to the above emergency numbers (both please)
  2. If you know your GPS coordinates you may send them  as well (LAT & LONG)
  3. Take a front and rear picture of your vehicle and send them
  4. Send a copy of the car registration and your Driving licence
  5. Avoid excessive trials to prevent damage to your vehicle (and save additional costs!)
  6. All recovery missions are carried out during DAY TIME ONLY (Night time are not covered)


How much do we charge?

  1. Once we receive your message with all the above details, our operation will send you a confirmed quote within 5-10 minutes (See below Table for Rates)
  2. Please note that the rate quoted is based on recovering your vehicle and does not cover the following costs: 1) Accidents and vehicle damages. 2) Repairs & spare parts. 3) Transport of Technicians to the site
Area Emirate Rates
Aweer/Lahbab/Al Qudra Dubai 1000
Hatta/Al Madam Dubai 1200
Al Ain Abu Dhabi 1500
Al Shuwaib/Al Hair/Al Faqa Abu Dhabi 1500
Liwa & Western Region Abu Dhabi 2500

   Vehicle requirements – MUST HAVE!

  • Spare wheel must be in immaculate condition
  • Car manual must be available
  • Valid off-road insurance (very important!!!)
  • Car registration and valid UAE driving license



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