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Tag Along Packages (Dubai/Abu Dhabi)

Self Drive and Tag Along Packages from Dubai & Other Emirates


Owners of 4×4 can now take advantage of this Tag Along / Self Drive service by hiring our specialized and expert desert marshals to lead their convoys. If you have ever joined the Gulf News fun drive, or any other desert adventure, you probably know what is in stake! the only difference is you do not need to join the “mass” but design your own itinerary with your own friends. In addition to offering guidance and support you will take advantage of cargo space to load your camping and picnic material into our 4×4.

Now, whether you are with your family, office colleagues or friends and you want to celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary, corporate gatherings, family picnics and camping, you can call us to organize an exclusive outing just for you. We have the option of providing you with full outdoor camping and party gear as well as “a la carte” catering service.

The below packages are available mainly from Dubai and Abu Dhabi Emirates, however residents in other parts of the emirates can request our services as well for an additional fee. Our marshals are fully equipped to deal with all kind of off road emergency situations and will lead the convoy in the safest manner possible.

We are offering our 4×4 adventurers 4 different programs to choose from. These packages are designed for week end trips lasting from 2-3 hours to 2 full days. Should you have a bigger plan and wish to organize a longer journey or an expedition within the UAE or Oman, please feel free to contact Karim who will be pleased to offer you all the assistance you need.

  • Residents with their own 4×4 and/or rented 4×4
  • Tourists with rented 4×4 (check off-road insurance)
  • Tourists and residents who wish to rent one of our 4×4 (must be above 25 years)
  • Expert Off-Road instructors leading the convoys
  • Loading and transporting space for all your gears
  • Two way communication gear for each participant
  • GPS and first aid trained instructors well versed with all the emergency procedures.
  • Camping as well as catering facilities can be provided as per request.

We operate mainly from Dubai and Abu Dhabi Emirates but are flexible enough to offer our services from other emirates as well. You may choose your preferred itinerary within the UAE or you can use any of the popular guide books (Off-Road Explorer, Off-Road Adventure, etc.) to design you route.


You may book a 2 hours short fun drive and up to 3 days covering some 6-700 km.


Depending on the services required and the number of participants, our rates are very competitive and are well structured. (Scroll down to see our rate/schedule))

  • All participants agree they are joining this trip on their own risk and understand that this type of activity is adventurous in nature and involves some risks
  • It should be understood that participants of such event have a reasonable off road driving experience and know basic recovery techniques
  • Rub Alkhali Desert Tourism LLC and its personnel and whosoever represent them are not liable for any accidents, breakdowns, damages and/or personal injuries.
  • Our guide will be in charge of leading the convoy and it is absolutely important to follow his instructions at all times.
  • In case of breakdowns or accidents our guide will assist in recovering the vehicle to the next available road. Should the vehicle be un-tow-able and/or badly damaged, our guide will assist in arranging to transport a Mechanic to the desert location.
  • Please bear in mind that all costs resulting from hiring a mechanic and buying spare parts as well as all related transportation costs must be paid separately.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the parents to instruct their children about safety guidelines and to always follow the instructions of our guide


Tour Codes





Guide Fees

(one time)

Rate per joining car

Additional hour

Rate per car


Half Day Tours

=< 3

1000 Dhs

500 Dhs

200 Dhs


Half Day Extended

>4 <6

1500 Dhs

500 Dhs (min.2)

200 Dhs


Camping one day

=< 24

2000 Dhs

500 Dhs (min.2)

150 Dhs


Camping two days

=< 48

3000 Dhs

500 Dhs (min.2)

250 Dhs


click here for frequently asked questions about Tag Along/ Self Drive


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