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Visitors staying in Dubai /Abu Dhabi who are on a short stay and do not have much time but still wish to visit Liwa, the most beautiful desert of Arabia have the chance to join our day tour to fulfill their wish and collect some unforgettable memories. This is a twelve hours journey covering some 700 km southwards of Dubai and Abu Dhabi..

1)      Full Day Liwa Explorer – (LWA-AUH-EXP)

Distance (one way):     350 km from Dubai / 220 km from Mafraq (Abu Dhabi)

Timings:                         09:00 – 20:00 (10-11 hours)

Highlights:   Car Museum (optional), Oasis towns, Date Farm, Old Forts, Desert Landscape, Moreb Dune, Salt Lakes “Sabkha”, Camel farm, Sand rose.

Situated south west of Abu Dhabi on the edge of the great Empty Quarter desert (the largest of Arabia), the exhilarating drive over the highest sand dunes in the world is simply a unique and most spectacular experience you will ever encounter. Our journey will take us towards Abu Dhabi (if leaving from Dubai), cruising along the multi-lane highway passing by Jebel Ali free zone and crossing the borders of Abu Dhabi. The drive continues through tarmac road, sand tracks, along the famous oil pipelines.  Our journey continues towards the south for another 140 km passing some magnificent desert landscape where you will see the change in sand colors (from white to dark orange). Arriving Liwa, the first Oasis is “Hameem” which is located on the furthest eastern tip of the Liwa half crescent. We will drive through local villages and witness the date palm plantations before reaching the main center “Mezaira’a” where you will have the chance to stroll around the scattered little shops selling a myriad of goods to the local population.

We will reach Liwa Hotel at approx 13:00 hrs for a two hours break. Our guests who prefer to relax and unwind can stay and use the Pool of the Liwa Hotel (remember to bring your swimming attire). Lunch (a typical oriental dish) will be served at the main restaurant. We will start our afternoon program by visiting the Old Fort of Mezzairaa, which has recently been restored and renovated. Surrounded by date palm plantations, our guide will be happy to explain all related facts about this most popular plant in Liwa. We will head southwards towards the borders with Saudi Arabia driving on tarmac, the road is winding through some breathtaking views of gigantic dunes and endless sea of sand…

A hidden call “Welcome to the Empty Quarter” can almost be heard from the top of those magnificent dunes!

 The tarmac road ends with the sight of Moreb Dune, one of the highest in Liwa (approx. 200 m). The place has been developed to host The Moreb Race once a year (1st week of Jan) and is the meeting point of 4×4 enthusiast. The last few years, the organizers introduced more activities such as; horse racing, camel racing and remote controlled planes and cars racing.

We continue our journey and stop at a Camel Farm to deflate the tires. Meanwhile you can witness the life bygone of the Bedus and marvel at their beloved beasts and wonder how they survived this harsh environment with such scarce food and water.  Our adventure will take off from here into the vast sea of sand and we will climb the steepest of sand dunes and roll down in a ‘roller coaster’ style, the adrenaline level will gradually increase and the drive will get more and more exciting especially when you start hearing the sound of “Sand Avalanche” a very unique experience which can only be experienced in the sand dunes of Liwa area. We will pass numerous desert reserves and if lucky, we might spot some of the rare and indigenous species of Arabia; the Arabian gazelle, which used to roam the desert in the past and were threatened to the extinction, thanks to the effort of HH. Sheikh Zayed, who, succeeded in re-introducing and protecting them. Another attraction on this tour will be the sighting of the unique “Sand Roses” which are basically a form of crystallized gypsum forming under the salt flats called “Sabkhas” and have different shapes which looks much like a rose flower with open petals.

Our desert guides will escort you back to the Liwa Hotel, from there you will be transferred back to Abu Dhabi/Dubai


Tour Days / Price
Full day Liwa Explorer
LWA-AUH-EXP(09:00 – 20:00)
Sun & Wed
700 Dhs / 200 USD
Full day Liwa Explorer + Camping Experience
LWA-AUH-CAMP(09:00 – 12:00 next day)

Sun & Wed
1100 Dhs / 300 USD

  • Guests requiring pick-up from Dubai should add 300 Dhs / 85 USD per person to the total (min. 2 pax)


Services included:

  • 2 ways transfers from (Abu Dhabi & Dubai – Liwa) with English speaking professional guide
  • Pickup locations  for Abu Dhabi (Mafraq Hotel  +971-2-659 6666)
  • Pickup locations for Dubai passengers (Shangri-La  Hotel Shk. Zayed Road +971-4-343 8888)
  • Lunch at Liwa hotel
  • Water & soft drinks

Items to bring along:

  • Camera/video
  • Swimming wear (Pool use)
  • Casual attire/shorts/sandals/slippers
  • Passport copies



2)      Full Day Liwa Explorer with overnight camping- (LWA-AUH-CAMP) 

Distance:     350 km from Dubai / 220 km from Mafraq (Abu Dhabi)

Timings:       09:00 – 12:00 (next day) approx. 28 hours

Highlights:   Car Museum (optional), Oasis towns, Desert Landscape, Moreb Dune, Sabkha, Camel farm, Sand rose, Sunset, dinner BBQ, camping, B’fst


The Ultimate camping experience in Arabia! Liwa has very little light pollution and the sky is 90% clear all year. During the winter months (November to March) the average day temperature is max. 30 degrees Celsius and the average at night is 18-20 degrees Celsius. 

The program is the same as the full day in addition to the following services:

For those who have never camped in a desert, we promise them a comfortable and unique experience, we provide clean sheets, sleeping bags, soft mattresses, pillows and basic washing facilities. Our guide will cook you a sumptuous BBQ and serve you a local tea with mint and local dates.

Sit back and relax while gazing at the breathtaking night sky. Take a virtual journey into the Milky Way and get prepared for your first lesson in astronomy! If this is not sufficient then prepare your wish for the next shooting star!

Wake up early and watch the sun rising in the endless horizon, we will serve you a light breakfast after which we will bid farewell to this “fairy tale”!

Services included:

  • Exclusive two ways transfer (Dubai/Abu Dhabi – Liwa) with English speaking professional guide
  • Lunch at Liwa hotel
  • BBQ dinner
  • Camping & all gear (tent for 2)
  • Breakfast
  • Water & soft drinks

 Items to bring along:

  • Sleeping attire
  • Personal hygiene
  • Pullover during cold nights
  • Hand and/or head torch lights
  • Bring only a small hand carry (space is limited)
  • Passport copies

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