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For guests staying at the Liwa hotel and for those who can organize their own transportation to Liwa we have four programs on offer:


Adventure Safari (LWA-HTL-1) – (2.5 hours / 70km) – timings (09:00 & 12:00 & 15:00)

This tour leaves the Liwa Hotel and drives you southwards some 30 km towards the “Moreb Dune, which mean the Gigantic Dune due to its height of some 220 meters above sea level. Here the Abu Dhabi authorities have established a base camp and an arena for watching the annual race which takes place around the first week of January. The activities include 4×4 racing, camel and horse racing as well as Falcon race. From here we will continue the journey through the undulating sand dunes of the largest sand desert of the world! We will stop at a “Camel farm”  where you will be introduced to the life of bygone days of camel herding and bedu life. Our adventure will take off from here into the vast sea of sand and we will climb the steepest of sand dunes and roll down in a ‘roller coaster’ style. The mix of landscape is breathtaking, from “Sabkha land” (dried-up salt lakes) to sand bush forest and gigantic dunes with the sound of “Sand Avalanche” a very unique experience which can only be experienced in the sand dunes of Liwa area. We will pass numerous desert reserves and if lucky, we might spot some of the rare and indigenous species of Arabia; the Arabian gazelle, which used to roam the desert in the past and were threatened to the extinction. Our last stop will be at a unique spot where you will witness another major attraction, namely the sighting of the “Sand Roses” which are basically a form of crystallized gypsum forming under the salt flats called “Sabkhas” and have different shapes which looks much like a rose flower with open petals.

Sunset BBQ (LWA-HTL-2) – (4 hours / 50 km)

The same itinerary as LWA-HTL-1 which starts at 15:00 plus enjoying the full “Sunset”. Our guides will set up the camping area and will cook you a mouth-watering “BBQ”. Enjoy the emptiness of the desert and gaze into the magical night sky decorated by millions of stars! We will return back to Liwa Hotel at 20:00 hrs

Overnight Camping (LWA-HTL-3) – (16 hours / 50 km)

A combination of the Sunset BBQ (see above) and a bivouac style camping. A visit to Liwa would not be complete without experiencing camping under the clear “Night Sky. You would probably agree with us that light pollution in the cities is the main obstacle for enjoying a clear view of the sky, however in Liwa we are far away from civilization and the pollution is minimal. We strive to make your “Camping Experience” a comfortable one; we provide clean sheets, soft mattresses, pillows and warm sleeping bags. We use Igloo type tents good for two adults. Our guide will prepare you a mouthwatering BBQ followed by a hot cup of local tea with fresh mint and dates.

After dinner, lay back and relax, gaze at the flames of a bon fire and start counting the stars! Karim will walk you through the Milky Way and introduce you to your first lesson in Astronomy.

Wake up early morning and catch the “Sun rising” above the horizon. We will prepare a light “breakfast” after which we continue to our next adventure and before we leave the desert we will stop at the salt lake to show you the “Sand Rose” a unique formation which grows underneath Sabkha Land and consist of crystalized Gypsum which takes Millenia to develop.



Tour-Code Excursion Timings


4×4 & Guide
one-time fee
Rate per Adult
Min. 2 pax
Rate per Child
Max 2 per car





2.5 AED 500

USD 140

AED 250

USD 70

AED 150

USD 40



w/sunset BBQ
15:30 4

AED 500

USD 140

AED 350

USD 100

AED 250

USD 70



BBQ & Camping


(Sep – Apr)


AED 700

USD 200

AED 500

USD 140

AED 300

USD 85

* Guests staying at the Liwa Hotel will receive 20% discount on above tour rates

(To receive the above offer, we require a copy of your hotel confirmation)

* Guests booking our tours will receive 20% on F&B consumption in Liwa Hotel

(To receive the above discount, you will be required to present the hotel with our discount vouchers)

Services included:

  • 4×4 with English speaking professional guide
  • Maximum capacity per 4×4 is 6 adults.
  • BBQ dinner (3 types of meat, 3 types of salad, rice, dates, tea, water & soft drinks)
  • Camping & all gear (tents for 2 & 4)
  • Breakfast (tea, coffee, jam, eggs, 2 types cheese, honey, cereal, bread, fruits)

Items to bring along:

  • Camera/video/Mobile
  • Shorts/slippers for day tours
  • Shades/hat
  • Campers should bring (Sleeping attire, personal hygiene, pullover, torch lights)
  • Bring only a small hand carry (space is limited)

Terms & conditions

  • Our Excursion Programs are available from September to May each year except for the Overnight Camping excursions which are only valid from October to April each year; other periods are subject to availability and on request basis.
  • Discounts for children (between 6-12 years) are for a max of 2 children per car.
  • Bookings should be made online and confirmed one week in advance
  • Full down payment is required upon confirmation unless otherwise agreed (at management’s discretion)
  • Due to limited spaces in cars, we are not able to refund any or part of the paid amount in case of cancellation and/or no show
  • Rub Alkhali Desert Tourism LLC reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any tour prior to departure due to weather, sickness, strikes, disputes, and other events of force majeure. In such cases, a refund or partial refund may be given at the discretion of Rub Alkhali Desert Tourism LLC

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