Desert Sports Events

The deserts and mountains of the UAE offer unique opportunities for a multitude of sports events.

There are many international as well as local competitions taking place in the UAE some of which are:

  1. Desert rallies
  2. Desert Marathons
  3. Camel races
  4. Horse races
  5. Dog races (Salukis)
  6. Falcon racing
  7. Remote control Planes and Drones
  8. Kite competition
  9. Archery
  10. Desert Golf
  11. Camel Polo
  12. Quad biking & desert Buggies

Our team at Rub Alkhali Desert tourism LLC are very much sports oriented and involved in many sports activities (cycling, swimming, trekking, running and off-roading). We have contributed in the organization of many outdoor sports events in the last decade and have the experience in providing the logistics and transportation needs for such events, from mounting desert camps fully equipped with toilet facility, Tents, carpets, cushions, lighting, meal preparation to providing visual entertainment and fun games



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