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Tours starting from Tilal Liwa Hotel

Tours starting from Madinat Zayed

Tours starting from Tilal Liwa Hotel

Tilal Liwa Hotel guests have the option to book  multiple desert excursions with Rub Alkhali Desert Tours based on exclusivity.




Hrs KM Min.

Per Adult



(Max. 2)

Week-end & Public holidays

Desert Express
8:00 Daily 2 30 2 285 80 180 / 50 365 / 100
MZ-2 Liwa Day
 Adventure + Lunch
11:00 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 7 200 2 400 / 110 180 / 50 450 / 125
MZ-3 Liwa Sunset
Adventure & BBQ
15:30 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 6 150 2 400 / 110 180 / 50 450 / 125

Tour Itineraries

  • Liwa Dune Adventure (MZ-1)  Timing (On Request)

      Tour Highlights : Camel Farms / Dune Drive / Sand Avalanche / Desert Landscape

  • Liwa Day Adventure (5 hours / 140 km) – Timings (09:00 – 14:00)
  • Liwa Sunset Adventure (6 hours / 140 km) – Timings (15:00 – 21:00)

     Tour Highlights:     Mezairaa / Liwa Fort /  Date Shop / Camel Farm / Salt Lakes / Avalanche / Sand Roses / Roller coaster dune drive / Picnic lunch (Day Tour) & BBQ Diner (Sunset Tour)

Those above two tours start in Madinat Zayed from two pickup locations (Western Hotel and Tilal Liwa).We will drive southwards some 50 km on tarmac towards the town of Mezairaa, passing by “Shams Solar Power Station” a 600 million USD project developed by Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company. The road cuts through the desert landscape with long stripes of green vegetation on both sides protecting the road from the blowing sand.

Once in Mezairaa, The first stop will be a visit to one of the”Liwa Fort” which housed the tribal chief in bygone days.  Next stop will be at the Liwa Date Shop, which sells the products of the Liwa Date Factory. 

The drive continues southwards with the road winding through the spectacular scene of dunes. The magical encounter with the great Empty Quarter starts here, the endless sea of sand dunes will captivate your soul and the scenery will become more and more breathtaking! . Next, we will stop at a “Camel Farm” where you will be introduced to the life of bygone days of camel herding and Bedu life. Our adventure will take off from here into the vast sea of sand and we will climb the steepest of sand dunes and roll down in a ‘roller coaster’ style. The mix of landscape is breathtaking, from “Sabkha Land” (dried-up salt lakes) to sand bush forest and gigantic dunes with the sound of “Sand Avalanche“, a unique experience reserved for the sand dunes of Liwa area. If lucky, we might spot the most elegant animal of the desert namely the “Sand Gazelle”

  • Passengers joining the Liwa Day Adventure will savor a picnic lunch at our secluded desert camp
  • Passengers joining the Liwa Sunset Adventure will enjoy the magical sunset combined with “BBQ Dinner” followed by a traditional mint tea and local dates. Relax under the canopy of a thousand stars and explore your journey through a dozen of constellations.

    The return journey through the darkness of the desert ads that little more spice to whole experience!

Above tours include the following:

 Above rates include all service charges

  • Max space available in our 4×4 is 6 seats
  • 4×4 with English speaking professional guide
  • Water & soft drinks
  • Picnic lunch includes (2 types of sandwiches, oriental salads, Arabic desert)
  • Dinner BBQ (3 types of meat, vegetable & salads, Dates and mint tea)


Tour Reservation Request

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