Liwa Tours (Empty Quarter)

Liwa Desert

Situated south west of Abu Dhabi on the edge of the great Empty Quarter desert (Rub Al Khali). The distance from Dubai/Sharjah being some 380 km one way and from Abu Dhabi the Capital city some 220 km. Liwa is the name of a vast, almost barren desert region, bordering the Empty Quarter “Rub AlKhali Desert”, the largest continuous sand dune desert in the world.


Liwa is also known as Bu Fallah desert in the early days. It was named after Bu Fallah tribe which was one of the most influential tribes in the region. 

Furthermore, the region consisted of around 50 permanent settlements, known locally as “Mahdar”. With names such as Mezairaa, Al Mariyah, Shah, Nafeer, Hameem, Arada, Therwaneeyah, Malqata, Bateen and so on. These well-established Mahader each had plenty of water wells and farms.

In summer, most of the local inhabitants used to leave their homes in the desert and head off to do other work in Abu Dhabi, on the shores or even venture deeper into the sea for pearl diving. Besides hunting, their staple diet was basically dates and camel milk, the homes were built from palm trees and their tents from goat and camel hair.     

Modern times

The first signs of modern life where felt in the late 50’s due to oil explorations,. Trucks and jeeps where introduced and the country started its rapid development and consequently modern houses, roads, hospitals and schools were being built everywhere. .  Thanks to he great effort undertaken by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (ruler of Abu Dhabi from 1966-2002) that all his people enjoyed the fruits of this fast development

We will guide you in Liwa

Our Liwa expert guide Karim who happen to be nicknamed by his clients “The Sand God”, has more than 30 years of experience in the desert of the UAE. It is no coincidence that Liwa became synonymous among his guests with his name!

What we offer

Our guests have the choice of joining either our Full day or the overnight Camping. We will also organize the two way transfers from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

A word of advise

A visit to Liwa would not be complete without experiencing camping under the canopy of 1001 stars! The two days with overnight camping should be your first choice. However, those visitors on a tight schedule may still book our full day trip to meet their schedule.



Full day tours to liwa

Liwa 2 Days Camping Tour from Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Liwa 2 days camping tours from Dubai & Abu Dhabi Full Day Liwa Explorer with overnight camping- (LWA-IND-2) Distance (one way):     350 km from Dubai / 220 km from Abu Dhabi Timings (From October To May) 10:00 – 12:00 next day  (24-26 hours) …..From Abu Dhabi (Millenium Central Mafraq Hotel) 09:00 – 13:00 next day …

Full day tours to liwa

Liwa Full Day Tours from Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Full Day Tours to Liwa – Empty Quarter     Liwa Tour for day visitors Liwa Full Day Tours are offered by  Rub Alkhli Desert Tours on weekly basis. We organize two ways transfer from both emirates (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) in our air-conditioned fleet. Visitors staying in Dubai/Abu Dhabi, on a short stay, and …

Tag Along in Liwa

Tag Along from Liwa (Regular Packages)

Tag Along & Self drive schedules from Liwa (Self Drive 4×4 with an option to rent a 4×4 from us) (Regular Packages)               RATES IN UAE DHS TOUR CODE EXCURSION Pick-up Times Approx. Duration Hours Approx. Distance KM Min. cars Own 4×4 Rent Our 4×4 Additional Adult/Child AM PM …

Flora in Liwa

Tours starting from Liwa & Western Hotels

Liwa & Western Hotel Tours  For guests staying at the Liwa hotel and/or the newly refurbished Western hotel as well as for those who can organize their own transportation to Liwa we have  three (3) programs on offer:   LIWA ADVENTURE  (LWA-HTL-1) – (2.5 hours / 70km) – Timings (09:00) …… Daily TOUR HIGHLIGHTS:    …

Liwa Forts

Tours starting from Tilal Liwa Hotel

Tours starting from Madinat Zayed Tours starting from Tilal Liwa Hotel Tilal Liwa Hotel guests have the option to book  multiple desert excursions with Rub Alkhali Desert Tours based on exclusivity. TOURS STARTING FROM MADINAT ZAYED   RATES IN AE DHS / USD TOURCODE EXCURSION Pick-up Times Days Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri Hrs KM Min.pax Per Adult   …

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