Camping a la carte

Camping is our specialty!

Look no further, we know the UAE like the back of our hands and we are fluent in camper’s language as well.

This is an ingenious idea, developed and conceptualized by our Desert Expert (Karim).

We have realized the demand for this particular kind of service and we noticed the following problems facing every camper, namely:

  1. The hustle of preparing food and gear
  2. Packing everything in boxes and bags
  3. Loading everything in the car leaving little or no space for passengers
  4. Damage to the car interiors due to rough riding
  5. Transporting, unloading all gear
  6. Finding the suitable location (quiet, safe and clean and with little noise and light pollution)
  7. Setting up the camp site
  8. Re-loading the gear back into the car
  9. Collecting and transporting all the “garbage” which can spill in the interior
  10. Leading the convoy safely back to the road

Our solution is called CAMPING A LA CARTE, because you will tailor make your exact requirement with our help.

We will provide the following solutions:

  1. Professional camping guide (English, French and German speaking)
  2. A choice of menus and beverages
  3. A detailed list of gear (you will chose your individual items)
  4. All your catering needs can be purchased and transported by our
  5. Food and beverage menus (our catering is from either Waitrose super market or Spinneys)
  6. You select the area and our guide will take you there (otherwise we suggest the camping area)
  7. Our guide will escort you in the safest manner possible to the camping ground




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