Off Road Tours in Abu Dhabi

Visitors to Abu Dhabi are spoiled with so many attractions and sightseeing choices, from the Majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Ferrari world to have an adrenaline rush while challenging the world’s fastest roller coaster in the  largest indoor theme park, to take a stroll in the relaxing Al Ain Oasis, to feed the animals in the emirate’s engaging zoos, or to have a great day out on the UAE capital’s landmark Corniche.

A visit to the Capital City will not be complete without an excursion to the surrounding Deserts of Al Khatam and AL Wathba.

We at Rub Alkhali Desert Tourism LLC take pride in promoting the desert areas of Abu Dhabi Emirate and we have covered almost each and every corner of this barren land.

We welcome you and your family to join us in exploring the beautiful desert surrounding Abu Dhabi Capital in a variety of programs catered to both individual traveller with as little as 3 hours tours as well as to families and small groups with more time to spend camping and exploring.

If you have enough time and wish to explore the real desert of Arabia, then a visit to the Liwa Oasis is a must, you can have a look at our offers under Liwa Tours (Liwa Tours (Empty Quarter).

Otherwise click on one of the below choice of tours if you wish to stay near the city:

  1. Arabian Night Sunset Safari – Tour Code (AUH-S-3).
  2. Desert Adventures – Tour Code (AUH-S-2)
  3. Desert Explorer – Tour Code (AUH-S-1)




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