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    Nature Tours

    The landscape of the UAE is part of the larger landscape of the Arabian Peninsula which is predominantly sandy desert, however other nature zones do exist such as; mountains, alluvial plains, coastal, Wadis and green oasis in addition to a wide variety of rich marine life.

    In order to survive the harsh and arid environment of the UAE, many plants and animals have developed many strategies to cope with lack of water, hot weather and high salinity. Plants spend the hottest periods as seeds and have the ability to germinate in a very short time when the rainy season starts. The variety of flora includes; succulents, parasitic plants, grasses & sedges and halophytes. The most common trees and shrubs you will encounter are; Date palms, Arta, Fire makers, Acacia, Ghaf, Chris Thorn, Sodom apple, White Saxaul, Desert squash and Mangroves.

    The animal world which includes vertebrates as well as invertebrates are quiet fascinating too, hence many animals have also adapted to the harsh environment and survived for millennia. The list of most common mammals includes; desert hare, gerbils, sand fox, gazelles, hedgehog and camels. The list of most common birds includes; Common mynah, pink flamingo, larks, Indian roller, bee-eater, Bulbul, wheatear, warblers, francolin, sunbird, vultures, finch and falcons. The UAE has more than 50 species of reptile; the most encountered are lizards, geckos, sand skinks, desert monitor and spiny tailed lizard.

    Many birds and reptiles as well as mammals live on insects and the variety includes; spiders, scorpions, beetles, caterpillars, dragon flies, ants and bees.


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    Services included:

    • Exclusive 4×4 with English speaking guide (other language on request)
    • Water
    • Two way transfer from with Dubai City

    Items to bring along:

    • Camera/video
    • Casual
    • Hat
    • Closed shoes

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